CSL Recovers $900,000.00 for a Car Accident

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) are extremely serious personal injuries that can negatively affect the victim for life.

If you or a loved one has suffered a TBI or other type of personal injury in Pennsylvania or New Jersey, the Brain Injury Attorneys can help. Our attorneys have successfully handled traumatic brain injury lawsuits.

One of them involved a $ 900,000.00 settlement where a young man suffered a TBI after his vehicle was hit by a driver head on in Springfield , Pennsylvania. You can call us at 215-561-3313 or register online at www.cooperschallandlevy.com

#1 Neurological Problems

The degree and type of cognitive impairment from a TBI varies tremendously by the type of accident, part of the brain, age, sex and general background of the victim.

#2 Neurological Testing Is Highly Subjective

Neurological tests are often conducted to measure how the brain has been affected by a traumatic injury. They are designed to carefully and accurately monitor brain function, and have many years of clinical tests supporting their findings.

#3 TBIs Can Be Quickly Diagnosed

This is not always true. Some TBIs can take weeks or months to truly become apparent. It can take longer to recognize brain trauma because chemical changes in the brain tissue can take time. Also, some symptoms such as blurred vision or dizziness might be attributed to other injuries.

#4 An MRI or CT Scan Is The Only Way To Confirm a TBI

Actually, many mild TBIs will not show on either of these tests, but the TBI is real and may be causing serious cognitive impairments and other problems.

#5 A TBI Only Happens When the Head Is Struck A TBI also can be caused by the head being whipped in a violent fashion back and forth in a car accident.

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