$145,000 Recovered In Pedestrian/Auto Accident Case

Cooper, Schall & Levy helped 53-Year-Old Female Injured While Crossing The Street From A Motor-Vehicle Recover $145,000

Settlement: $145,000
Attorneys: Charles Cooper/Robert Schall
Facts: On October 13, 2005, a 53-year-old woman was crossing Conshohocken State Road in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania when she was struck by a vehicle causing her to fracture her leg requiring surgery to implant plates and screws. The Defendant-driver unsuccessfully argued that the Plaintiff was responsible for her own injuries because she was not crossing the street in the designated crosswalk area and settled after a lawsuit was filed by Cooper & Schall, P.C. It is worthy to note that Cooper & Schall, P.C. successfully resolved this case for the Plaintiff after it was initially turned down by several Pennsylvania law firms.