$190,000 Recovered In Defective Product Case

Cooper, Schall & Levy Help 57-Year-Old Female Injured From Collapsed Chair Recover $190,000

Settlement: $190,000
Attorneys: Charles Cooper/Robert Schall
Facts: On May 10, 2004, a 57-year-old woman was standing on a chair that she had purchased from a major furniture outlet to reach a videotape on a shelf when the leg of the chair collapsed due to improper welding, causing her to fracture her elbow requiring surgery to implant plates, screws, and bone prosthesis in her arm. The Defendant argued that the Plaintiff, herself, was negligent in standing on the chair.

Cooper & Schall, P.C. argued that the store was liable simply because they sold the chair to the Plaintiff in a defective condition and the Defendant settled the case at mediation after a lawsuit was filed by Cooper & Schall, P.C