$350,000 Recovered In Medical Malpractice/Failure To Diagnose Kidney Infection Case

Cooper, Schall & Levy Help 42-Year-Old Female Recover $350,000 From Physicians Failure To Diagnose Kidney Infection

Settlement: $350,000
Attorneys: Charles Cooper/Robert Schall
Facts: A 42-year-old woman with a known history of kidney infections was being treated by her neighborhood clinic. It was important for the doctors at the clinic to check her creatine levels on an ongoing basis.

On the medical visit in question, our client’s creatine level showed a significant increase when compared to the previous visit. Unfortunately, our client’s physician failed to recognize this important warning sign because he did not refer to the patient’s chart detailing the previous office visit. Our client was hospitalized shortly thereafter and was diagnosed with a rare condition known as rapidly progressing glomerular nephritis.

Our office obtained an expert in nephrology who concluded that the family doctor should have referred our client to a kidney specialist as soon as it was known that her creatine level had increased. The failure of the family doctor to carefully review our client’s medical chart resulted in a delayed diagnosis of her kidney disease. As a result of the delay in diagnosis, our client was required to undergo a kidney transplant.

The settlement in this was equal to all of the insurance available for the family physician who failed to timely diagnose our client’s medical condition.