$550,000 Recovered In SUV Accident Case

Cooper, Schall & Levy Help 51-Year-Old Male Injured While Driving To A Roofing Job Recover $550,000

Settlement: $550,000
Attorneys: Charles Cooper/Robert Schall
Facts: On November 18, 2005, a 51-year-old single man with no children was driving himself and his best friend to their roofing job and while traveling on I-676 in Bellmawr, New Jersey, a wheel detached from an SUV going in the opposite direction striking the windshield of the Plaintiff’s vehicle causing a subdural hematoma and traumatic brain injury to the Plaintiff which required multiple surgeries to relieve the bleeding and swelling in his brain. Despite these life-saving measures, the Plaintiff succumbed to his injuries 3 days later.

Cooper & Schall, P.C. aggressively sued the driver of the vehicle whose wheel detached and also that man’s employer, a successful construction company, because Cooper & Schall, P.C. believed the Defendant-driver was working at the time of the accident, a claim that both the driver and his employer denied. Cooper & Schall, P.C forced the Defendant-driver’s insurance company to pay its entire insurance policy of $100,000.00 and attacked the Defendant-employer for $450,000.00, despite the fact that the Defendant-employer argued that the Plaintiff could only claim a 30 minute period of pain and suffering before he was placed in a chemically-induced coma.

Because Cooper & Schall, P.C. successfully argued that 30 minutes of excruciating pain and suffocating on the Plaintiff’s own blood warranted a settlement by the Defendant-employer the Defendant-employer settled the case at mediation after a lawsuit was filed by Cooper & Schall, P.C.