$900,000 Recovered In Motorcycle Accident Case

Cooper, Schall & Levy Help 34-Year-Old Injured Motorcyclist Recover $900,000

Settlement: $900,000
Attorneys: Charles Cooper
Facts: We specialize in winning difficult cases. This case involved a 34-year-old male who was driving a motorcycle and was struck by a pickup truck. Our client sustained a major head injury and was in a coma for several months. When he awoke from his coma he could not remember anything about the accident.

There were no eyewitnesses who could describe exactly how the accident occurred – other than the other driver. Moreover, the driver of the pickup truck even told his insurance company that our client entered the street from a parking lot and was at fault for the collision. Our firm conducted an investigation and hired one of the finest accident reconstruction firm’s to explain how this accident occurred.

Based upon their analysis of the crash evidence from the motorcycle and the pickup truck, our experts were able to convince the insurance company’s attorneys that the driver of the pick-up truck made a left hand turned in front of the motorcycle and was therefore responsible for the accident. Our client now suffers from permanent brain damage and an awkward gait abnormality due to a serious leg injury. This case settled for nearly all of the available insurance proceeds.