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Should I Still Seek Medical Treatment for My Accident Injuries During the Coronavirus Pandemic?

While it seems like much of the world has simply come to a standstill in the middle of the Coronavirus pandemic, things do continue to move forward. Some people are still required to go to work. We all still need to go out for food and essential supplies. As a result, there are still accidents occurring every day, resulting in injured persons that need continued medical treatment. This, however, is an especially complicated time to be seeking medical treatment. Hospitals all across the U.S. are feeling the strain of the heightened demand placed on them by the spread of the Coronavirus.

Do I Still Seek Medical Treatment After an Accident?

If you have been injured in an accident, seeking medical treatment is often critical to your health and recovery. Seeking emergency medical treatment as soon as possible is recommended as failure to have injuries diagnosed and treated in a timely manner can have devastating, even fatal, consequences. The fact that we are all in the middle of a pandemic does not change the fact that accident injury victims will require emergency care. 

Going to the ER right now does, however, present unique challenges that have not been present in the past. Hospitals and other healthcare facilities are operating over-capacity. Facilities are more crowded than usual as healthcare demands have rapidly increased as the Coronavirus has spread. ERs and local hospitals, as well as other urgent care facilities are, however, still serving those in need of emergency medical care that may not be experiencing Coronavirus symptoms. If you are in an accident and have concerns about going to a medical facility right now because of fears of being exposed to COVID-19, you can request a mask or gloves. You should also avoid touching your face. Practice proper hand washing as often as possible. Keep your space from others. While fear of the Coronavirus is very real, you should not jeopardize your health in other ways in an effort to avoid it. If you have been injured in an accident, go get medical attention.

Additionally, you should make every attempt to follow your treating doctor’s recommendations for any necessary follow-up care. This will often require treatment that can occur outside the hospital setting. For instance, you may be able to get treatment from smaller offices such as from local chiropractors and physical therapists. Seeking consistent medical treatment is not only important to your health and well-being, it is also critical to your personal injury claim. A pandemic will not stop insurance companies from undervaluing claims. Any lapse in treatment will still be used to justify not paying your claim or paying you less than your claim is worth.

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