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Common Causes of Overturned Vehicle Accidents

Have you been involved in an overturned-vehicle accident? Overturned vehicle accidents, or rollover accidents, occur when a vehicle involved has been forced onto its side or rolls over onto its roof. It can be a scary experience, to say the least, and often leads to those involved sustaining really devastating injuries that can have significant consequences to their health for the indefinite future. How does it happen that a vehicle in a crash is overturned? Here, we will discuss some of the more common causes of these types of accidents occurring.

What Causes a Vehicle to Overturn?

Tire problems can be the root cause of many kinds of accidents, overturned vehicle accidents included. Commonly, vehicles with tire problems, ones that experience tire failure, can be more prone to rolling over in a crash. For instance, if there is tire failure or treat separation on a tire, it can be much more difficult for the driver of the vehicle to regain control of the vehicle if it has been lost due to something like being hit by another vehicle or striking an object such as a guardrail or curb. The loss of control can result in the vehicle overturning. In fact, it seems that some types of vehicles are more susceptible to overturning due to tire problems. This includes SUVs and large, 15-passenger vans.


Driving at excessive speeds can also greatly increase the chance of a vehicle overturning in an accident. The force that can come with a speeding vehicle can be great. When a vehicle driving at a highly accelerated rate comes into contact with another vehicle, the force of impact can be so intense that the vehicle is forced onto its side or forced to roll all the way over onto its roof.

Driving Under the Influence

In addition to the reckless driving choice of speeding, a driver who chooses to drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol also puts everyone on the road at an increased risk of being involved in an overturned-vehicle accident. Intoxicated drivers have impaired judgment, restricted reaction times, and can make some really poor decisions out there on the road. They may be more susceptible to losing control of their vehicles or violating traffic regulations that put everyone in danger.

Defective Vehicles

Vehicle defects and equipment failures can also be a common cause of overturned vehicles. Did you know that one of the technological advancements in vehicle safety includes stabilizing mechanisms in cars? These stabilizing features are meant to help prevent vehicles from overturning if involved in a crash or if the driver loses control of the vehicle. When this safety equipment fails, the vehicle is more prone to rolling over in a crash.

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