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How to Help Athletes Stay Injury Free

Staying active fits prominently into leading a healthy lifestyle. Engaging in sports and other physical activity can have a wealth of benefits for your body. Even athletes, however, must take care and exercise caution in order to reap the maximum health benefits and stay injury free. Challenging your body is one thing, but risking injury and overtaxing it, especially without taking certain precautions, can have some tough and lasting consequences. Here, we will take a look at some tips to help athletes stay injury free.

How to Help Athletes Stay Injury Free

In sports and other athletic endeavors, using the proper attire and safety equipment should be a priority. For instance, soccer players should wear cleats to have more traction on the field and shin guards to protect the vulnerable shin areas to the cleat kicks of other players. Even those looking to work out, but not in a necessarily team sport setting, such as bicyclists, should wear the proper entire and safety gear. Bright, reflective clothing, for instance, could be lifesaving as it will help the rider be more visible to vehicles on and near the roadway.

Compliance with the roles of the game and other associated rules can also be a critical part of an athlete staying safe and injury free. For instance, some soccer leagues do not allow slide tackling the ball. It is seen as an unnecessarily dangerous move that can cause serious injury to other players. Furthermore, there may be rules related to an activity that should also be observed to help keep everyone safe. Bicyclists, for instance, should comply with the rules of the road. Bicycles, while so different from cars and other motor vehicles, are still expected to observe traffic regulations. This is, of course, to keep the flow of traffic steady and somewhat predictable as everyone follows the same set of rules and expectations for being on the road.

A big part of staying injury free for athletes also involves recognizing the needs and function of their own bodies. For instance, stretching before and after physical activity in a designated warm-up and cool-down time can be a crucial part of avoiding things like excessive strain on the body and cramping. It can also help maximize the effectiveness and health benefits of the activity. Warm-up time helps blood begin to move to the muscles in the body and prepare it for more rigorous activity. Cooling down with a stretch can help release lactic acid that builds up in the muscles during physical activity.

As we approach the warmer months, athletes should also take extra care to stay hydrated. Many, unfortunately, take for granted the importance of staying hydrated, especially when engaging in physical activity. Furthermore, athletes and those looking to perhaps change up an exercise routine, or lack thereof, should always consider getting a physical examination with a doctor. Being medically cleared for sports or physical activity can help avoid some particularly dire health consequences and injury from occurring. This is the reason so many sports leagues and school sports will require a physical prior to participation.

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Athletes, stay safe out there. Unfortunately, there is only so much we as individuals can do to keep ourselves safe and injury free. If you have been injured by the negligence of someone else, the trusted personal injury team at Cooper Schall & Levy is here to start enforcing your legal rights and protecting your best interests. Contact us today.