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Why Do I Need a Personal Injury Attorney?

The typical insurance company advertisement, which demonstrates care, comfort and support after a tragic accident, is misleading and can make the reality of dealing with insurance companies after you have been injured in an accident jarring, frustrating, and disappointing. After years of paying your premiums, people can often be incredulous at the response they get from their insurance companies after they try to access the benefits they have so diligently paid for. Dealing with the insurance company for the party responsible for causing an accident can be even more frustrating. These large business institutions will work tirelessly to undermine your claim and find a way out of compensating you properly. That is why you should have a personal injury attorney who will fight back.

Why Do I Need a Personal Injury Attorney?

As insurance companies are, at their cores, businesses driven by profit, it may be disappointing, but it might not be as shocking to find that they will look for any way to avoid paying out in whole or part on a claim filed after an accident resulting in injuries. It is a harsh reality that many insurance companies will not take unrepresented claimants seriously. In fact, insurance companies will try to rush a person into taking some low-ball settlement offer before legal counsel can be secured. They do this because they know an attorney can be best equipped to approximate what damages you are entitled to as well as working towards enforcing your right to said damages.

A personal injury attorney can work to estimate what a fair settlement amount may look like. This will be based on things such as your injuries, medical bills, the approximate future cost of medical care, and much more. If an insurance company makes a settlement offer, an attorney can counsel you on whether it is a strong offer or not.

Furthermore, an attorney can present the strongest facts of your case and advocate on your behalf, whether dealing with the insurance company directly or one of the attorneys they have hired. Is the insurance company basing denial of your claim on things like pre-existing medical conditions or questions as to liability? Your attorney can help gather the evidence needed to dispel such uncertainties and present your case in the strongest light possible.

Do not underestimate the fact that having an attorney by your side demonstrates to the insurance company that you are willing to go the distance with your claim. You are making a statement that you know your claim has value and you are willing to pursue it all the way to trial, if necessary. The threat of litigation looming over a claim can be powerfully persuasive to keep an insurance company on the straight and narrow and push them to make more solid settlement offers. A trial can be time-consuming and expensive to these companies, so they have more motivation to do the right thing and pay out your claim.

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