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The Most Common Types of Motorcycle Accident Injuries

If you have ever ridden a motorcycle, then you know the thrill that comes with this particular mode of transportation. It is an experience like none other. The open road. The wind rushing past. The freedom. It is really no wonder why some people choose to exclusively travel by motorcycle because once you get on one of these bikes, there often appears to be no going back.

The freedom and thrill of motorcycles, however, mean a trade-off from the many safety features offered by cars. There are no seat belts. There are no airbags. There is no metal frame with protective walls to absorb some of the force in the event of being struck by another car or object. The greatness of motorcycles comes in trading in some of the life-saving safety features of cars. Because of this, motorcycle accidents can result in particularly devastating, and sometimes fatal, injuries.

The Most Common Types of Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Because motorcycle riders are so exposed, even the seemingly most minor motorcycle accidents can result in serious injury. Road rash, for instance, is a common motorcycle accident injury. It is an abrasion to the skin that happens when skin is rubbed off due to friction contact with road pavement. It can be very painful and leave scars. Without proper treatment, road rash can easily become infected and lead to even more health complications.

Broken arms and legs, as well as sprains and strains in the wrist area, are also common motorcycle accident injuries. These can occur due to a number of causes. If the bike tips over in the accident, a sprained or broken wrist may be the result of the rider trying to catch themselves as they brace for impact with the ground. Further damage can be done to the legs, in particular, in cases where the bike tips and the rider’s leg is trapped underneath. Road rash, arm and leg injuries, and other common motorcycle injuries can also result from the rider being thrown from the bike upon accident impact.

Head injuries also commonly occur in motorcycle accidents. Helmets can be critical in preventing fatal or debilitating head injuries. Unfortunately, however, even riders wearing helmets can withstand things like concussions and other traumatic brain injuries.

Due to the significant threat of great harm that can hang over the heads of motorcyclists, every possible safety measure should be taken by riders. Safety gear, for instance, is of the utmost importance. Wear protective clothing to guard against road rash. Wear a helmet. And wear bright, reflective clothing to help maximize your visibility on the road.

Furthermore, motorcyclists should drive defensively and always work to maximize visibility while proceeding under the presumption that other vehicles do not see them. Motorcycles are small compared to cars and other vehicles. They are easily lost in blind spots. Driver’s always check your blind spots and surroundings for vehicles. Motorcyclists, do what you can to make yourself visible to cars, and stay safe out there on the road!

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