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The Impact of Treatment Gaps on Your Personal Injury Claim

Insurance companies will not simply payout on a claim you make after an accident on your word alone. Quite the opposite. Insurance companies will require thorough documentation regarding the accident, your injuries, and your expenses incurred as a result of the accident. A huge part of this supporting documentation will include your medical records showing your course of treatment for your accident injuries. You see, getting consistent treatment for your injuries following an accident is not only best for your injuries to properly heal, but it is also essential for preserving the value of your personal injury claim. Failure to get consistent medical treatment can be a great risk to your health, as well as the strength of your personal injury claim.

The Impact of Treatment Gaps on Your Personal Injury Claim

A treatment gap, or a lapse in you receiving medical treatment for your accident injuries, can occur in two instances. First, a treatment gap may refer to the delay it took in you to seek medical evaluation and care following an accident. Second, a treatment gap may refer to a lapse of inconsistent treatment for your accident injuries once you had already started treatment. In either instance, a treatment gap can threaten your personal injury claim.

You see, medical records really are essential to the strength of an injury claim. In the eyes of the insurance company, if you are hurt in an accident, then you seek immediate medical evaluation. If you are hurt in an accident, then you receive consistent, uninterrupted treatment for your injuries. Any gap will likely be used by an insurance adjuster to justify devaluing your claim. Adjusters, after all, will be looking for reasons to pay you less than you should actually be owed or to not pay you at all.

In the real world, however, we know that there are plenty of legitimate reasons a person may have a gap in medical treatment following an accident, even if they are suffering from accident injuries. Life goes on after an accident and there can be a bombardment of scheduling conflicts that get in the way of doctor appointments. You may also get sick and be unable to make your appointments. There are a number of perfectly acceptable reasons for a treatment gap, but you should still try your best to avoid them as best as possible.

To minimize the impact of treatment gaps, and strengthen your claim even in the absence of treatment gaps, you should keep a journal following the accident. In your journal, keep track of your medical appointments. Report on the pain you are experiencing. Document your symptoms and how they evolve over the course of treatment and following the accident.

It is worth stating again, however, that it is extremely important for your health and your personal injury claim to avoid treatment gaps whenever possible. The health-related fallout from accident injuries can be severe and continuous treatment will help minimize this impact. Comply with doctor-recommended treatment and follow-up treatment orders. Your health and well-being are too important not to.

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