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Pedestrian Accidents on Halloween Night

What are your Halloween plans? If you are like countless American families, those plans will include trick or treating. The number of pedestrians on the streets on Halloween night can be substantial, to say the least. There are also likely to be a greater number of vehicles on the road as people travel to and from parties and trick-or-treat spots. When you combine the increased number of pedestrians with the increased number of vehicles on the road and you also consider the fact that many may be distracted by all of the fanfare that comes with Halloween celebrations, you have a recipe for disaster. It is no wonder that pedestrian accidents on Halloween night are a persistent problem year after year. These accidents can have truly tragic results as victims suffer serious or even fatal injuries.

Pedestrian Accidents on Halloween Night

While there tend to be higher rates of pedestrian accidents on Halloween night, this does not always have to be the case. It does not mean that you or your loved ones have to be the victims in a pedestrian accident. There are concrete steps you can take to keep everyone safe and keep up the Halloween fun.

You may be disheartened, but not surprised, to hear that children are the most common injury victims in Halloween accidents. They are out in greater numbers on a busy night, full of distractions, limited visibility, and so many other factors that can contribute to the high numbers of pedestrian accidents that occur at this time. It is important to talk to your children about your plan for Halloween night and what you can all do to stay safe.

Staying in a group can be your best bet. After all, there is safety in numbers. Larger groups of people are easier to see out on the streets. You should also develop and communicate a plan for what path you will be taking for your trick-or-treating route. Knowing where you are going will avoid needless wandering and people straying from the set path.

You should also evaluate your kids’ costumes for safety measures. For instance, is the costume bright? Does it have any reflective parts? If not, consider adding a reflective strip and giving them a flashlight to hold. The reflective strip can make them easier to spot by motorists. The flashlight can help ensure they avoid tripping over roadway hazards. Also, check to make sure the length of the costume allows for safe walking and that any masks or headwear allows for a clear line of vision.

Try to stick to streets that have good lighting. If there is a sidewalk available, always use it. If there is no sidewalk, remain on the side of the roadway, towards its outer edges. Also, when you are looking to cross a roadway, always make use of crosswalks when available. Avoid cross in between parked cars as it does not give motorists a clear line of vision to you and can take them by surprise. Furthermore, never assume that a driver sees you. Always assume that they are not going to give you the right of way to cross the road.

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