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Accidents Caused By Vehicle Defects

Manufacturers, designers, and distributors of all consumer products owe consumers a duty to provide safe products. If anyone in the supply chain fails in this duty, and someone is hurt as a result, they may be held legally responsible for compensating that injured person pursuant to a product liability claim.

Some of the most devastating product liability claims involve motor vehicle defects. These defects can injure vehicle passengers in and of themselves. Alternatively, and commonly, vehicle defects lead to tragic accidents where vehicle occupants sustain serious and lasting injuries.

Accidents Caused By Vehicle Defects

Unfortunately, there are a number of fairly common vehicle defects that can cause motor vehicle accidents leading to injuries, cause injuries themselves, or lead to the exacerbation of injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident. Some of the common vehicle defects that can cause or contribute to passenger injuries include:

  • Airbag defects: Defective airbags can fail to deploy when needed or deploy when they are not needed. When airbags fail to deploy, accident injuries can be much worse, causing a vehicle passenger to be pushed forward into the dashboard, steering column, or windshield without the cushion barrier of the airbag. Alternatively, airbags deploying when they should not deploy can also be dangerous. Airbag deployment can prevent injuries in some cases, but they can also cause burns and bruising.


  • Seatbelt defects: Seatbelts are a fundamental vehicle safety feature. It is proven that they keep people in cars safer and can prevent serious injury in the event of an accident. Sometimes, however, seatbelts fail and there have been cases where seatbelts have come unbuckled in an accident.


  • Tire defects: Tire defects can lead to things such as blowouts on the road. As a result, a driver can easily lose control of the vehicle. Improper treatment is another tire defect that can lead to loss of vehicle control.

In the event of an accident that may be caused by a vehicle defect, or one where a vehicle defect contributed to accident injuries, it is important to take the proper steps to protect any claim you may later bring. To help preserve your claim, you will need to take steps to preserve evidence that would support your claim. This means doing things like keeping track of where your vehicle is. It may be at an impound lot or a service station. Either way, it is crucial that you know where your vehicle is located and preserve it for evaluation. Do not have any repairs made until you have consulted legal counsel. Additionally, if you can safely do so, it can be important to take pictures at the accident scene. Make it a priority to seek out immediate medical treatment and comply with doctor-recommended follow-up treatment. This is important to not only your claim, but your health and well-being.

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