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Steps to Take After Being Involved in a Hit and Run Accident

Being in an accident is scary. It is stressful. It is overwhelming. Being left behind at the scene of an accident as the other driver speeds away can bring a whole new level of anxiety to an already difficult situation. If you ever find yourself as the victim of a hit and run accident, take a deep breath, and remember the steps we are going to go over here.

Steps to Take After Being Involved in a Hit and Run Accident

If you have been involved in a hit and run accident, it is important to first remember not to go after the driver who is fleeing the scene. This decision is only likely to make things worse, put others in danger, and put yourself in even more danger. Stay put at the scene of the hit and run accident. Move your vehicle to a safe place at the accident scene to avoid further damage.

Make sure that everyone who was potentially injured in the accident is okay or if anyone may need emergency medical treatment. Call 911 so that law enforcement is dispatched to the accident scene. If anyone is injured, emergency medical assistant can also be dispatched to the scene. Having the police at the accident scene may be even more important in hit and run accidents as they will create an accident report documenting the details of the accident scene and begin their investigation into the driver who fled the scene.

As soon as you can, be sure to write down any accident details you may remember. Do this while your memory is the freshest as details can fade fast as time goes by. Do you remember anything about the driver of the vehicle that left the scene? Do you remember the make, model, or license plate (even partially) of their vehicle? You should also document the scene by taking pictures of the damage you sustained and any other relevant details of the accident scene. Write down the contact information of any witnesses to the crash.

You should also be sure to contact your insurance provider. This will begin the process of accessing any available benefits you may have to help cover the expenses incurred due to the hit and run accident. If the other driver is not located and, therefore, you cannot bring a claim against heir insurer, you will be able to access your own UM/UIM benefits to provide compensation for the harm you sustained due to the hit and run accident.

To help ensure that you are properly compensated for your losses and that you heal as best as possible from your injuries, be sure to seek immediate medical evaluation following the accident. Get checked out by a doctor just to be sure you are fully evaluated for the extent of the injuries you may have sustained. Comply with doctor recommended follow-up care. Your medical records will be important pieces of supporting evidence for any insurance claim you bring later on.

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