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How an Attorney Can Help Resolve Contract Disputes

Business relationships can’t function without contracts. Unfortunately, having a contract does not mean disagreements can’t happen, and contract disputes can severely disrupt business operations. If a contract dispute escalates to legal action, it can take a considerable toll on all the parties involved.

At Cooper, Schall & Levy, our Philadelphia contract dispute attorneys understand the importance of resolving these disagreements quickly and effectively. While some businesses think involving a lawyer will only complicate a contract dispute, a capable attorney can help you find an agreeable solution and let you get back to work.

Common Contract Disputes in Philadelphia

There are as many contract disputes as there are types of contracts. However, some types of contract disputes tend to occur more often than others, such as:

  • Disputes over Terms and Conditions: Sometimes, the parties involved in a contract might interpret its terms and conditions differently. This can lead to disagreements over each party’s obligations and how they should fulfill those duties.
  • Failure to Deliver Goods or Services: This is a straightforward dispute that arises when one party does not deliver the promised goods or services. Failure to deliver promised goods or services can severely hamper the other party’s business operations and cause conflicts.
  • Non-Compete Agreements: Disputes sometimes arise when an employee leaves a company and starts working with a competitor or starts a similar business, potentially violating their non-compete agreement. On the other hand, employees sometimes balk at what they see as an unfair non-compete agreement that interferes with their ability to earn a living.
  • Partnership Disputes: These disputes occur between business partners or shareholders and can involve disagreements on business operations, profit sharing, or the direction of the business.
  • Contract Termination Issues: Disagreements can also occur over the proper way to end a contract, including what obligations remain and the applicability of termination clauses.

Benefits of Hiring an Experienced Contract Dispute Lawyer

Many business owners and executives pride themselves on their negotiation skills and ability to resolve disputes. These are admirable traits, but working with an experienced contract dispute attorney offers several advantages. First, businesses benefit from their attorney’s neutral perspective, which can help them better understand the issues involved in the dispute and find a path forward. Second, a lawyer can handle all the legal work in these disputes, allowing executives to focus on core business operations with a minimum of disruptions and distractions. Finally, if a contract dispute escalates to legal action, an attorney can represent the business in arbitration or litigation, using their experience and knowledge to forcefully advocate for their client.

How We Can Help You with a Contract Dispute

The Philadelphia contract dispute lawyers at Cooper, Schall & Levy have helped many businesses resolve complex disputes quickly and fairly. Here are a few ways we can help with your issue:

  • Clarifying Legal Rights and Obligations: Our attorneys can clearly explain your legal rights and obligations under the contract. This understanding is crucial for making informed decisions throughout the dispute-resolution process.
  • Negotiating on Your Behalf: Our contract dispute lawyers can engage with the other party to find a mutually acceptable solution, often without a lawsuit. This can save time and reduce stress.
  • Drafting and Reviewing Settlement Agreements: Once a resolution is in sight, we can make sure the settlement agreement is fair and includes all necessary terms to prevent future disputes.
  • Representing You in Mediation or Arbitration: Some contract disputes require mediation or arbitration to resolve. We can represent your interests in these settings and advocate for a fair outcome.
  • Litigation: If a dispute cannot be resolved through negotiation or mediation, we can file a lawsuit and represent you in court. We will prepare a robust case to support your position, aiming for a favorable judgment.
  • Enforcing Settlements: After reaching a settlement, we can help ensure that the agreement is fully enforced and that you receive what was agreed upon. If the other party does not adhere to the settlement terms, we can take further legal action on your behalf.

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