Winter Road Accidents

Well, Pennsylvania, our winter season remains in full swing. Those of us who grew up here are more than familiar with how treacherous the roads can get this time of year. The ice, snow, and sleet make visibility difficult and wheel traction difficult to come by. The influx of holiday traffic can add to the hazards, especially when you consider how many visitors to the state may not be as familiar with icy winter driving as our residents usually are. Regardless of whether you have lived in Pennsylvania your whole life, are a newer transplant in the state, or will be coming for a family holiday here this winter, being aware and prepared for the dangers of winter driving that can lead to devastating accidents can help keep you and everyone else safe this winter season.

Winter Road Accidents

With ice and sleet commonly in the winter forecast, it is important to be aware of just how much your visibility on the road can be impaired by these conditions. Snow can stick to your windshield and make it difficult to see your surroundings as well. To help, always check to see that your wipers are in good condition and are fully operational. The defogger in your car should also be checked for functionality as should your headlights. This is all safety equipment that can help you see your surroundings and increase your own visibility to other cars out on the winter roads.

Icy and slippery roads are also a common occurrence in the wintertime. Snow tires and tire chains can help increase traction on these types of roads so prepare your vehicle tires accordingly. Should your car lose traction, you may end up hydroplaning. This can be extremely scary, but it is also important to keep a cool head about you. We know, easier said than done. That being said, staying calm and reacting accordingly can prevent things like your vehicle from rolling over. If you begin to hydroplane, turn into it as opposed to away from it. Do not slam down on your brakes right away. This is especially important if you do not have anti-lock brakes on your vehicle because it could cause your brakes to lock up. Once the vehicle is slowing down a bit, you may pump your brakes.

With hazardous road conditions on the horizon for the winter months, be mindful that one of the best things you can do is to avoid driving if inclement weather is in the forecast. Should driving be unavailable, plan out your route before you leave. Let someone know about what route you are taking so that they know where to look should you be stranded for any reason. You should also keep your gas tank full and your cell phone fully charged as well as keeping a winter emergency kit in your car.

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Philadelphia, stay vigilant and stay safe on the roads this winter. Should you be injured in a winter car accident, the personal injury team at Cooper, Schall & Levy is here to assist. Contact us today.