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Summer Driving Hazards

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there are more car crashes and auto injuries, as well as fatalities, that occur in July and August. If you are hitting the road this summer for a family road trip, a trip to the beach, or just your everyday commute, be careful of the hazards that have come to be more uniquely associated with summer.

Summer Driving Hazards

With a change in the seasons, so should come a change in your driving habits. After all, the weather can have a big impact on your safety out on the road. For instance, the higher temperatures of the summer months can cause tire blowouts. The hot temperatures cause the air in tires to expand and, thus, more susceptible to a blowout. Even new, strong tires are not immune to this phenomenon. Checking your tire pressure frequently can help avoid this hazard as well as save wear on your car and can save you some gas money as well.

The heat of summer also leads to an increased chance of your engine overheating. An overheating engine can lead to your car breaking down or could even cause a fire. You can minimize the risk of an engine overheating by being diligent about checking your engine’s coolant levels, as well as the wear and connection of hoses and belts.

On top of the summer heat, there are also the summer rains to contend with. Rain and the subsequent flooding that can come with more severe summer showers can pose some serious dangers to those out on the road. These conditions mean limited traction that can impact a driver’s ability to effectively brake and control a vehicle. Drivers also tend to be more nervous and erratic in rainy conditions. To help stay safe during the summer rains, always be on high alert when a storm passes through. Reduce your speed and keep more space between yourself and other vehicles. Turn on your windshield wipers right away and make sure your windshield wipers are in good condition. If not, replace them as soon as possible.

In addition to the heat and the rains of summer, it is also known in many parts of the country, the Philadelphia area included, as “construction season.” As the winter ice and snow is fully melted, summer presents the opportune time for things like road repairs and maintenance to happen throughout the northern states. Construction, however, can increase traffic jams, lead to detours, and involve other delays. With the roads in construction chaos, stay safe by slowing down, merging as early as possible when needed, and planning your route ahead of time to avoid construction areas.

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