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Truck Crash Risk Factors

Big rigs are just a part of American life on the roads. It is easy to become complacent when traveling alongside these oversized vehicles, but it is critical that we all be mindful of the risks of sharing the roads with semi-trucks. The sheer size and weight of these vehicles, combined with the weight of their loads mean that any level of collision with them can easily spell disaster. Drivers, be mindful of these large vehicles. Stay out of their blind spots. Maintain safe driving practices. Truck drivers, remember your own rights and responsibilities when operating your rig. Be especially aware of the factors that can increase the risk of crashing your truck.

Truck Crash Risk Factors

Truck drivers must remain in compliance with federal regulations mandating big rig drivers to comply with certain safety precautions. Despite these regulations, however, truck crashes continue to occur on a regular basis and they can be devastating for all involved. Truck drivers can do their part to avoid these tragedies by avoiding the fall into some of the more prominent risky behaviors a truck driver can engage in.

For instance, driving while fatigued is a huge risk factor for a truck crash. Unfortunately, fatigued driving is all too common among truck drivers. While regulations are in place to restrict the time a driver can put in on the road at one time, they are still long hours and many drivers end up going over their allotted drive time in a day. Extended periods of driving, driving with little change in scenery, driving while in poor health, and many other things can contribute to fatigued driving. Fatigued driving is dangerous driving. It makes paying attention and focusing on the road difficult. It slows reaction time. This is why it is such a big risk factor for truck crashes.

There are also a number of reckless driving behaviors truck drivers engage in that can drastically raise the chances of them being involved in a truck crash. Reckless driving behaviors can encapsulate a wide range of actions. Some or more prevalent or more relevant for truck driving purposes. For instance, improperly loading a rig improperly is reckless as is failing to properly maintain a rig and seek repairs as needed. Additionally, there are those other reckless diving behaviors we all fall into sometimes, but are dangerous, nonetheless. These include things like speeding, tailgating, improperly passing, and driving while distracted.

Unfortunately, and also unsurprisingly, drinking while driving is a huge risk factor for truck crashes. We all know drunk driving is dangerous driving and it is certainly no different when you are talking about operating a semi-truck while intoxicated. Operating such an oversized vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol can spell devastation. Even the slightest impairment in your ability to make sound driving decisions, miscalculate distances between your vehicle and others on the road, or slowed reaction time could greatly increase the risk of a truck accident occurring.

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